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Animal Dermatology Clinic

San Diego, California

Animal Dermatology Clinic in San Diego is centrally located in Kearny Mesa, close to the 163, 805 and 52 freeways. In addition to dermatology, the building houses specialists in surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, internal medicine, animal behavior, as well as an emergency clinic.

We offer appointments in our San Diego clinic from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, with one day of week open until 9pm. Four veterinary dermatology Diplomates and two resident doctors are available at our San Diego office to care for your pet and offer the latest in diagnostics and therapy that are available in veterinary dermatology. For more information on our specialists select a name from list above.

We look forward to serving you. For appointments or questions
call (858) 560-9393 or fax (858) 560-0926.

Please note that we cannot make a diagnosis or advise treatment of your pet's condition via email.  It is impossible to make a diagnosis of your pet's condition without a physical examination by a veterinarian.

Contact Information

Phone: (858) 560-9393
Fax: (858) 560-0926

5610 Kearny Mesa Road #B1
San Diego, California 92111

As specialists, we stay current on new research and treatments and are actively involved with the research. Our dermatology practice is not limited to small animals and we often have equine and occasionally exotic patients. Learn More >