Equine Dermatology

At select Animal Dermatology Clinic locations, board certified veterinary dermatologists assess and manage skin and allergic disease in horses. Common reasons for referral include horses with itching, scratching, self-trauma or hives. Horses can suffer from a variety of allergic hypersensitivity conditions that often create these symptoms. In particular insect hypersensitivity and environmental allergies (atopic dermatitis) in horses are quite common. Veterinary dermatologists of Animal Dermatology Clinic can perform intradermal allergy tests and other diagnostic tests to evaluate horses presenting with these symptoms.

Equine dermatology services also include the ability to formulate allergy extracts (immunotherapy) to develop a treatment plan for horses based on their specific sensitivity to allergen. Other common procedures include advanced diagnostic tests such as skin biopsies, diagnostic cytology, bacterial and fungal cultures to identify infectious, autoimmune diseases and more unusual skin conditions.




As a part of Animal Dermatology Clinic services for all species, our expert dermatopathologists aid in interpretation of skin biopsy samples to help identify underlying causes for various skin disorders.

Please contact the Animal Dermatology Clinic location near you to see if Equine services are offered. Some locations may see horses at the hospital while others offer ambulatory services to travel to your location or your veterinarian.


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