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Animal Dermatology Clinic

Louisville, Kentucky

 Animal Dermatology Clinic offers the latest in diagnostics and therapy in veterinary dermatology to care for your pet. 

Animal Dermatology Clinic
operates out of the Blue Pearl Veterinary building. Our clinic is located at:
13160 Magisterial Dr.
Louisville, KY 40223
(Corner of Nelson Miller Parkway and Old Henry Road in the Eastpoint Business Center)

Appointment days are Monday through Friday 9AM - 5PM 
  • Lexington satellite sees cases every other Wednesday
  • Evansville, IN satellite sees cases every month
For additional information regarding satellite clinic availability and to inquire about appointment times and scheduling, please call (502) 240-0947.
Contact Information

Phone: 502-240-0947
Fax: 502-240-0986
Email: [email protected]
Web Site:

13160 Magisterial Dr.
Louisville, Kentucky 40223

As specialists, we stay current on new research and treatments and are actively involved with the research. Our dermatology practice is not limited to small animals and we often have equine and occasionally exotic patients. Learn More >