Vail's Allergy Abatement

Animal Dermatology Group

Success Stories | Sep 17, 2021 4:55:00 PM

Adult, female donkey, Vail, receives allergy treatments to keep her environmental allergies in check.

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Vail is a pet donkey whose owners called Animal Dermatology Clinic because of the hair loss on her rear. Our dermatologists determined that Vail was rubbing her body due to itchiness, causing the hair loss and trauma to her skin. Based on an evaluation of Vail’s history and a physical examination, environmental allergy was suspected.  Intradermal allergy testing was performed showing several reactions to environmental allergens.  Vail’s owner began administering allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots) to help de-sensitize her to these allergy triggers.  




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Within months, Vail's allergic symptoms abated, and she became less itchy. She stopped scratching and rubbing, and her coat returned. These pictures are of a much happier Vail, taken one year later.