Episode 14: Settling in | Animal Dermatology Clinic

Dr. Janet Littlewood MA PhD BVSc DVR DVD MRCVS RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

Dr. Janet Littlewood (MA PhD BVSc (Hons) DVR DVD MRCVS) is a veterinary dermatology specialist practicing at her independent clinical referral dermatology service in Cambridge, the United Kingdom. In February 2022, Dr. Littlewood will begin a 4-month dermatology locum at Animal Dermatology Clinic – Perth, in Australia.

Join Dr. Littlewood here for her travel blog as she journeys from the UK to Australia during these interesting times for global travel, and begins practicing veterinary dermatology in the Land Down Under!

Episode 14: Settling in!

I have now completed 7 weeks in the clinics and am well into the busy routine of life at ADC Perth. I am really enjoying working with the team, supporting the fabulous residents, teaching students and seeing some really neat cases.


It was wonderful to see one of my first equine cases here back for a revisit – and to see that the topical therapy I prescribed for his alopecia areata is showing beneficial signs of hair regrowth!

Other recent highlights have included a case of cutis laxa (which was previously reported as Ehlers Danlos syndrome, but is actually a defect in elastin rather than collagen), a case of calcinosis cutis in an atopic bulldog after prolonged daily steroid administration, and a couple of cases of interesting, but not such good news for the patients, of neoplasia. The large case load means we see the whole spectrum of skin stuff – not just ears and atopy!

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I am managing to get some exploring in too! I wandered around Kings Park, tree top walk, botanic gardens, as well as the gift shop! And a road trip to Bunbury, Geographe Bay, Tuart National Forest – including a bracing walk out into the Indian Ocean on the Busselton Jetty. What an amazing place WA is! Loving the adventure!


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