The Vet Voyage with Dr. Littlewood - Episode 5

Dr. Janet Littlewood MA PhD BVSc DVR DVD MRCVS RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

Dr. Janet Littlewood (MA PhD BVSc (Hons) DVR DVD MRCVS) is a veterinary dermatology specialist practicing at her independent clinical referral dermatology service in Cambridge, the United Kingdom. In February 2022, Dr. Littlewood will begin a 4-month dermatology locum at Animal Dermatology Clinic – Perth, in Australia.

Join Dr. Littlewood here for her travel blog, as she journeys from the UK to Australia during these interesting times for global travel.

Episode 5: Two weeks to go! – again!

Blog 5 IMG_2573Have started to think about packing and what to take with me. Got the suitcase out, and started to assemble things. First priorities are for quarantine projects! Knitting yarns, puzzles and books. Then swimming costume! It will be strange moving from the depths of winter here in the UK to the height of summer in WA. Already purchased factor 50 sun screen in anticipation! Have booked pre-departure PCR, for the second time. This time it is 48 hours rather than 72 hours before flight time, as Dubai have changed requirements. There may yet be other changes!

I am hoping that the proposed relaxation of quarantine requirements in WA will mean that I don’t have to do a full 14 days in managed isolation. That would be a small bonus to arriving later than first hoped. Am trying to sort out last details to ease the transition to living abroad. Tried to get a mobile phone upgrade today so that I can use my current phone with an Australian SIM card when I arrive. Had hoped to have a bank account in place and ready to use, but sorry to report that HSBC have not proven to be the easiest and most efficient to work with. Having finally sorted out the complicated process of form-filling and appointment in person to verify my identity, I was told that I would receive bank account information and debit card to my current home address before I leave, but it would now appear that this may not happen, as I have had an email instructing me to go to the local branch in Perth to verify my identity – with documents that I don’t have as I am currently not resident in Australia! It will all get sorted within a few days of getting out of quarantine, I am sure! Just need to finish sorting out and tidying my office, and one piece of writing that I need to sort out, and should then be ready to go!