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Intradermal Allergy Test - IN - pictorial reference

Indiana Allergens

INDIANA Intradermal Allergy Test
* This page is constantly updated as images are obtained. If you have an image of an unrepresented allergen that you own and would like to share it, please let us know via the Contact Page.

3. Alternaria
4. Aspergillus
5. Cladosporium
6. Fusarium
7. Penicillium
8. Curvularia
9. Stemphylium
10. Cephalosporium
11. Pullularia
12. Grain Smut

13. Bipolaris
14. Chaetomium
15. Mucor
16. Phoma
17. Rhizopus
18. Mugwort
19. Ragweed
20. English Plantain
21. Lambs Quarter
22. Pigweed
24. Dandelion
25. Dock/Sorrel
26. Goldenrod
27. Dog Fennel
28. Russian Thistle
29. Marshelder
30. Firebush/Kochia

31. White Oak
32. Hackberry
33. Black Walnut
34. Elm
35. Hickory/Pecan
36. Ash pic1, pic2
37. Eastern Sycamore
38. Black Willow
39. Maple/Box Elder
40. Red Cedar
41. Mulberry
42. Beech pic1, pic2
43. Red Birch
44. Pine
45. Eastern Cottonwood

46. Johnson
47. Timothy
48. Bluegrass/June
49. Bermuda
50. Rye
51. Fescue
52. Bahia
53. Orchard
54. Corn
55. Red Top
56. Couch/Quack

57. Housefly

58. Flea
59.  Black Ant
60. Mosquito
61. Lepidoglyphus destructor
62. Cockroach
63. Dermatophagoides farinae
64. Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
65. Acarus siro
66. Tyrophagus putrescentiae
67. Sheep
68. Cat
69. Malassezia
70. Human Dander
71. Feather
72. Dog
73. Pyrethrum
74. Horse
75. Cattle
78. Sweet Gum
79. Privet
80. Bayberry/Wax Myrtle
81. Fire Ant
82. Nettle

Photos are just one example of the listed genus. There may be and often are many variations (species) of the listed allergen genus.
All photos are copyright. Thank you to the contributors on wikiCommons for the use of their photographs. If you believe a photo is not attributed correctly, please use the Contact Page within this website so that we may correct or remove the image.

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