Indiana Zoo Hippo Treated for Skin Ailment by ADC Doctor
‘Erythema multiforme’

     Animal Dermatology Clinic primarily treats dogs, cats and horses. In the past, there have been calls to treat other animals which have included a goat, a camel, a gorilla, and now a hippopotamus.
     “Donna”, a Nile hippopotamus (pictured left) had become ill with numerous skin lesions according to Dr. Maria Spriggs, the veterinarian at Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, IN. She then contacted Dr. Chris Reeder of Animal Dermatology Clinic – Louisville to see if the veterinary dermatologist could make a “zoo call”.
     A visual examination of Donna by a slightly nervous Dr. Reeder was performed and he determined that skin biopsies would be needed to make a diagnosis. (A biopsy requires a skin tissue sample of the affected area.  The sample is sent to a laboratory where a microscopic

layer is placed on a glass slide and the doctor can view the cellular component.)
Dr. Reeder biopsied Donna with the help of Dr. Spriggs and the zoo keepers.
The biopsies confirmed a skin disease called ‘erythema multiforme’ thought to have been created by a bacterial infection.

Erythema Multifome (EM) is a largely misunderstood disease with causes and variations being many. The most common cause in dogs getting this disease is a drug reaction, but cancer and infections can also cause reactions of this nature.
For Donna, Dr. Reeder initiated treatment with an oral medication and after about two months she was free of skin lesions and will be ready to have another birthday celebration.
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New Satellite Locations Planned for California
Long Beach & Santa Rosa newest

     Animal Dermatology Clinic began a satellite location last month in Santa Rosa, CA which is about 55 miles north of San Francisco.  We will be working out of another specialty clinic, Eye Care for Animals, 3070 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95403.
     Dr. Jennifer Aniya will be seeing cases at this northern California location every other month. Frequency may increase depending upon demand.
     Currently under construction is the newest satellite location in southern California in the city of Long Beach. Long Beach is about 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.
     There have been many requests from clients in this area to situate a doctor in this location and no doubt will be pleased to have Animal Dermatology Clinic within a short driving distance. Please check our website for the official start date and address.
     Dr. Laura Wilson will be seeing cases in Long Beach once construction is complete.

New Resident at Animal Dermatology Clinic

Another Completes Residency Program

    Last month we reported that a new Resident, Tyler Udenberg was joining the group. We are pleased again to announce that another Resident has joined Animal Dermatology Clinic.  Dr. Ashley Stich begins her residency in Tustin, CA in July 2011.
    Dr. Stich obtained her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Missouri in 2010. She has been working in a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  In addition, Dr. Stich brings her extensive clinical and research experience.
     A native of the Midwest, she will now become a resident of Southern California for the next three years as she takes the spot of the 25th doctor to enter the residency program at Animal Dermatology Clinic.
     The opportunity to enter a residency program is a highly coveted position because there are few vacancies for many doctors vying for one of those positions. Last year, there were four vacancies for veterinary dermatology residents in United States with estimates of up to 40 doctors seeking a dermatology residency.

Dr. Sarah Bartlett of our Marietta, GA location completes her residency this month. She will take her board examinations this summer and will continue her veterinary profession in Florida.
Originally from the Southeast, Dr. Bartlett will be now be joining her husband who is currently employed there and has established their new home.
All cases currently seen by Dr. Bartlett will now be under the care of Dr. Joel Griffies.

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