Practice Manager

The Practice Manager position at Animal Dermatology Group performs and supervises a wide range of administrative and operational activities related to an Animal Dermatology Clinic location. This position is responsible for ensuring quality patient care and excellent client service; coordinating and representing all facets of client-facing interactions; the management of finances and accounting systems at the practice level; the marketing and promotion of services; and staffing, personnel operations, and discretionary activities that serve to support effective business operations. The Practice Manager serves as a leader and role model to the clinic staff in providing a superior customer experience for clients and unsurpassed level of care for their pets.

Qualifications include a high school diploma or GED, client relations experience and experience working with the public (i.e., service business), knowledge of sales and marketing techniques, human resource training and skills, and thorough knowledge of the veterinary and/or dermatology profession. Experience in a veterinary clinic or other doctor’s office is essential.

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