Episode 13: The Days Are Buzzing By | Animal Dermatology Clinic

Dr. Janet Littlewood MA PhD BVSc DVR DVD MRCVS RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

Dr. Janet Littlewood (MA PhD BVSc (Hons) DVR DVD MRCVS) is a veterinary dermatology specialist practicing at her independent clinical referral dermatology service in Cambridge, the United Kingdom. In February 2022, Dr. Littlewood will begin a 4-month dermatology locum at Animal Dermatology Clinic – Perth, in Australia.

Join Dr. Littlewood here for her travel blog as she journeys from the UK to Australia during these interesting times for global travel, and begins practicing veterinary dermatology in the Land Down Under!

Episode 13: The Days are Buzzing By!

The days are flying by! I can’t believe I have been in Australia for coming up to 6 weeks, and nearly at the end of my first 4 weeks in clinics. Full time work – and busy days – is taking a bit of adjusting too. Not what this rather “long in the tooth” (as one of my UK friends described me!) veterinary dermatologist has been used to over the last couple of years of the pandemic! But am getting to grips with the computers and managing to keep mostly to time!


It is fascinating to see the differences and similarities between dermatology here in WA compared to the UK. The range of topical ear products and shampoos is very different – apart from the ubiquitous Malaseb, most of the other products are subtly different in formulation and vastly different names. Also learning a lot about bee and wasp hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis and hyposensitisation – not something I had any previous experience of.

littlewood_blog 3 _image_1I am particularly enjoying involvement in undergraduate clinical student teaching and resident training – I have definitely missed that aspect of work since I started my own referral service back home. Seeing neat cases, meeting lovely people – universally friendly and welcoming. It’s a joy to be here! Just hope the stamina holds up!