Episode 8: Finally in Australia | Animal Dermatology Clinic

Dr. Janet Littlewood MA PhD BVSc DVR DVD MRCVS RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

Dr. Janet Littlewood (MA PhD BVSc (Hons) DVR DVD MRCVS) is a veterinary dermatology specialist practicing at her independent clinical referral dermatology service in Cambridge, the United Kingdom. In February 2022, Dr. Littlewood will begin a 4-month dermatology locum at Animal Dermatology Clinic – Perth, in Australia.

Join Dr. Littlewood here for her travel blog, as she journeys from the UK to Australia during these interesting times for global travel.

Episode 8: Finally! Arrived safely in Western Australia!

Blog 8 in flightFlights were a real delight – I can thoroughly recommend Emirates First Class! Had a slightly stressful transit in Dubai when it was brought to my attention that I hadn’t submitted a vital piece of documentation on-line, without which I would not be allowed on the next plane! Although I downloaded the app to my phone, it kept crashing when trying to take a picture of my passport. Almost precipitated a blubbering meltdown, but fortunately they let me board, and strangely the phone and app started to behave (presumably something to do with a different WiFi ?) and I managed to complete the form before take-off.

Blog 8 quarantineArriving in Perth was a very strange experience – the airport was deserted! Immigration, police check, customs check all negotiated very smoothly, herded together with the other 15 passengers (yes, 16 of us in total, there were more Emirates staff on the plane than passengers!) onto airport bus for police escorted transfer to State Quarantine facility. I was delighted to discover that it is the Hyatt Regency in the city centre; a spacious room, comfortable double bed, desk – infinitely better than the detention centre accommodation a certain tennis player was in! Now for the challenge of complete isolation for 2 full weeks before the real adventure begins.