Milo's Journey of Healing!

Animal Dermatology Group

Success Stories | May 14, 2024 11:33:21 AM

Introducing Milo, the resilient furry friend who recently embarked on a unique journey at the Animal Dermatology Clinic - Indianapolis.

Milo's journey took an unexpected turn when he experienced a rare reaction to the medication initially prescribed for his autoimmune disease, resulting in gum overgrowth, clinically termed gingival hyperplasia. This unforeseen complication could have posed a significant challenge to Milo's treatment plan and overall well-being. However, with the expertise and dedication of the veterinary team at Animal Dermatology Clinic - Indianapolis, Milo's care took a positive turn. Through careful evaluation and proactive adjustments, Milo was smoothly transitioned onto a different medication regimen without compromising the control of his autoimmune condition.

The result? A remarkable improvement in Milo's oral health, with his gums now displaying signs of recovery and vitality!

Thank you to Milo's owner for trusting us in Milo's care and sticking with us! 😍